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November: A Month of Thanks at Windermere House

In the cool embrace of November, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey of the past few years. This month, a three year milestone, marks the genesis of Windermere House—a space carefully crafted with love and anticipation, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

As the leaves turn and memories resurface, we recall the meticulous details that went into creating Windermere. Every piece, every corner, a testament to our aspiration to offer a home store like no other. November, a month synonymous with gratitude, serves as a gentle reminder of the Spring Lake community that has embraced us.

From our humble beginnings, preparing for our inaugural floor opening, to the present, we extend our deepest thanks to the individuals who have become part of our story. It's your support and shared appreciation for a curated home that have made Windermere House a haven for those seeking character and charm.

As November unfolds, we celebrate the month of thanks, surrounded by memories and the warmth of our community. Each and every one of you contributes to the ongoing story of Windermere House—one written with gratitude, reflection, and the promise of more beautiful moments to come! 🍂🏡

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