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Meet Chase Loreto: A glimpse into my journey at Windermere House

Greetings from Chase Loreto, your friendly Curator and Marketing Coordinator here at Windermere House! Allow me to take you on a journey into my world, where creativity flows, and the magic of design comes to life.

My path in the creative realm began as a branding photographer, where I've had the honor of collaborating with renowned brands; Calvin Klein, BMW, and Tommy Bahama, to name just a few. This has provided me the privilege of living and working across the nation, and even Europe. From capturing captivating visuals to traveling across the globe, my lens has painted stories that transcend boundaries and cultures. Some of my favorite countries to visit are Denmark, Italy & Spain. Sharing beautiful moments in other parts of the world has taught me to live more intensely and intentionally, in both my personal life and my creative endeavors.

What's kept me grounded amidst these grand experiences is my love for local business. Even as I ventured into the realms of global giants, I've always nurtured a special connection with small to mid-sized brick and mortars. Crafting messaging for these businesses is my way of bringing their unique stories to the world.

Now, let's dive into my role at Windermere House. Since its grand opening, I've had the privilege of wearing multiple hats, and that's why I fondly refer to myself as the APM - the All Purpose Man. Staging our sales floor is where my love for aesthetics comes to play. Every item carefully placed, every corner meticulously designed to create an enchanting ambiance that resonates with the soul.

Media communications is where I get to craft the narrative of Windermere House. From words to visuals, I paint the story of our space, inviting you into a world of beauty and creativity. Social media is my playground, where every post and every image is a stroke in the canvas of our journey. It's a place where we connect, inspire, and celebrate the art of home. There’s just something about sharing common interests with strangers on the internet, that when transpired into real life friends and clients, is very special and rewarding.

My love for unique pieces and historical Easter eggs stem from a combination of shared experiences with loved ones and life experiences. Orchestrating consignment intake is a ballet of organization and creativity. Each item that comes in has its own tale to tell, waiting to find a new chapter in someone else's walk of life. Estate visits are my treasure hunts, a journey to uncover hidden gems that enrich our in-house collection and hearts alike. It's in these estates that stories of the past blend seamlessly with the present. I have a deep appreciation for one-off pieces and my favorite thing, besides learning its history, is seeing how they were staged and cared for over its lifetime. This insight allows me to better understand its value and resale positioning.

In my spare time you can usually find me curating my own home, hiking, on a boat, planning my next destination, and trying new dishes. Off-season, you'll find me traversing the corners of the country (and Europe ◡̈) , seeking inspiration and sourcing vintage finds. Every piece that makes its way into Windermere House has a story, and it's my joy to bring them to you!

So, there you have it - a glimpse into the mosaic of my roles at Windermere House. From staging floors to crafting messages, from estate visits to sourcing inspiration, every step I take is an ode to the artistry of design. And as you explore Windermere House, know that I played a small role in every corner, every piece, and every story waiting to be discovered.

Want to keep up with me? Follow along @windermerehusemi / @chaseloreto

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