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5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

As winter comes to a close and the days start getting longer, spring cleaning is at the top of everyone's list. And while cleaning out all of the grime from winter is essential, it is also a great time to revamp your living space for the new season ahead.

Needn’t worry about buying all brand new furniture, and there’s no need to do a full-blown renovation either. A few small tweaks are all it takes to make your home feel newer and lighter after a long, cold solstice.

Check out these 5 ways to freshen up your home this spring!

1. Declutter Your Shelves

Cleaning off and redecorating your shelves is a quick and easy way to update your living space without rearranging your entire life.

Start by completely clearing your shelves and getting rid of things you haven’t touched in a while. Then, begin redecorating with a few simple items, like pictures, artwork, and plants. Design with purpose in mind! Does this item I'm placing serve a purpose to my life, room, or design style? If you answered no to any of these it's time to ditch the dusty.

2. Try Some New Textiles

Did you know Windermere House has a wide selection of designer fabric? Switching out smaller items like throw pillows or blankets can instantly add a fresh new look to your home. Even changing out your thick winter comforter for a lighter duvet can spruce up your bedroom while preventing you from overheating as the weather gets warmer.

Feeling really adventurous? Swap out an existing accent chair for one with a fun pop of color! You know where to find us ;)

3. Organize Your Entryway

Throughout winter, your entryway is constantly cluttered with coats, shoes, hats, gloves, and any other junk that just gets thrown on the counter. Consider investing in a simple organizational system such as a classic coat rack and shelves for collecting keys, mail, and whatever else you drop after a long day out and about.

Also consider brightening your entryway with either a lamp or mirror.

4. Fresh Coat Of Paint

Living space still feeling stale even after adding new decor? The best way to recharge a dull room is with a fresh coat of paint. Painting a room is simple, affordable, and can transform a space completely. But don’t just stop at the walls, painting your cabinets or even a ceiling or two can create a bold new atmosphere in any room. From here you can incorporate decor pieces to accentuate to your heart's desire.

5. Fresh Plants

It’s scientifically proven that when all else fails, adding a new plant to your home can have a real impact. They not only help remove toxins and purify the air, but they can also boost your productivity and help you relax. Try adding a small palm tree to create depth in a corner of the room. Or if you’re looking for something smaller, succulents are easy to scatter on shelves and tables for a quick pop of green. After all, nothing says fresh spring home like some live plants.

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