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Chase's Favorite Fall Colors

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Happy November! I wanted to share a bit about my favorite colors – in general and for the fall season. When the leaves start to change and there's a chill in the air, I find myself gravitating towards certain shades that just feel right for this time of year.

Gilded, Bronze, & Gold: Timeless Elegance with a Splash of Calm

I've got a soft spot for anything gilded, bronze, and gold. There's something timeless and elegant about these warm metallic tones. They add a touch of sophistication to any space, and perhaps most importantly, they make it feel cozy, which is a must as the temperatures drop.

Orange, Yellow, and Nature-Inspired Green: A Burst of Joy and Earthy Charm

Orange and yellow are like a burst of joy in the midst of the seasonal transition. They bring positivity and a sense of happiness. Think of the warm glow of pumpkins or the golden leaves falling from the trees. These colors just infuse happiness into any environment. And when you introduce the earthy green, it's like bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, adding a grounding and calming element to the mix.

Mixing Shades: A Monochromatic Adventure with Nature's Palette

One of the cool things about these fall colors is their versatility. They come in different shades and tones. You can play around with various shades of gold pieces, and the soothing green, creating a monochromatic look that's both stylish and inviting. It's a bit like capturing the various shades of autumn in your decor. The thing about orange is it can be bright and saturated or muted with dark undertones - I tend to prefer both.

Nature's Influence: A Touch of the Outdoors with a Side of Tranquility

What's also awesome about these colors is that they're all around us during the fall. Nature does its thing, and suddenly, the landscape is painted in these oranges, yellows, and rich bronzes, with a touch of green for good measure. It's like Mother Nature giving us a color palette for our homes. And that green, it's a reminder of the beauty and tranquility of the natural world - with a hint of hope for next spring.

So, this fall, consider embracing these beautiful hues in your own home. Whether it's a single standout piece or a full-blown autumn decor update, you'll see why these colors make the season so special.

Take a stroll through Windermere House to find just the element you're missing!

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